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SynTsize Recovery Peach Mango  1.62  kg


SynTsize Recovery Peach Mango 1.62 kg

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The post-workout shake is the most important shake of the day, as it induces maximum muscle recovery by increasing glycogen and amino acid levels. Training hard, but forgetting to replenish glycogen and amino acid stocks in a quick and efficient way, is the biggest mistake one can make as an athlete, because it blocks muscle growth.

SynTsize Recovery is the ideal post-workout shake and is composed of easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins in the correct proportions, together with a massive amount of L-Leucine and L-Glutamine and muscle strengthening nutrients.

Suited for:

-         Athletics

-         Rugby / Soccer

-         Cycling

-         Marathon / Triathlon

-         Martial Arts / MMA / Boxing

-         Fitness and Body Building

1 serving = Mix 2 scoops (90g) with 450ml of water immediately after your workout.

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