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Swisscare Decolcare, 1.7 Ounce


Swisscare Decolcare, 1.7 Ounce


Swisscare Decolcare contains a unique extract that reinforces the skins defense against free radicals and helps protects DNA. The skins own lipid deficiency is supplemented and the moisture level in the epidermis is brought to optimum hydration. Hyaluronic acid ensures a healthy, intensively hydrated skin. The production of collagen is stimulated which results in firmer skin. Combined with a unique peptide, the ingredients come together to lessen wrinkles and other signs of aging. Decolcare contains 100% natural substances that aid in preventing uneven skin tone resulting in a smooth natural skin.

  • Combats wrinkle formation in your décolleté and neck
  • Firms the skin and protects the DNA
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and gives an even tone

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