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Swisscare Agespotcare, 1 Ounce


Swisscare Agespotcare, 1 Ounce


Swisscare Agespotcare is rich in powerful antioxidants that intensively protect the skin and DNA against free radicals and UV light, which cause wrinkles, discolorations and aging of the skin. Agespotcare encourages cell renewal and the production of collagen. The skin regenerates and becomes firmer and more resistant the aging process. Agespotcare contains natural extracts that inhibit the production of melanin, help pigmented spots to fade and prevent unevenness without the use of chemicals. Agespotcare has moisturizing elements that ensure optimum hydration and are similar to those found naturally in the skin..

  • Prevents and reduces the visibility of age spots
  • Regenerates and evens out your skin
  • Protects your skin against aging

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