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ProXtend Watermelon  1.26 kg


ProXtend Watermelon 1.26 kg

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ProXtend is an intra-workout drink which, thanks to its specific formula, can be taken immediately before or during your training. ProXtend consists of a strategic mix of carbohydrates and a massive dose of BCAAs, L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline Malate and Vitamins. It’s a multifunctional instant drink, designed for both endurance and power athletes.

The ideal Performance Drink for Endurance athletes

Maltodextrin carbohydrates deliver fast energy at the moment you need to replenish glycogen stores during intensive training. L-Citrulline Malate helps to reduce ammonia and lactic acid levels (substances produced by the body during intensive workouts) allowing you to workout longer and more intensive. Citrulline malate also improves aerobic capacity. L-Glutamine was added to the formula in order to compensate the large quantity of glutamine your muscles consume during an intensive workout. Glutamine levels need to be replenished as quickly as possible, not only in order to prevent muscle breakdown but also because glutamine is the most important fuel source for your immune system, which can be under great stress during long and intensive workouts.⁽¹⁾ BCAAs are another essential ingredient in this formula. If the body is short of carbohydrates during intensive workouts, BCAAs can be converted in the liver into glucose providing energy. During heavy and long physical efforts, up to 15% of the total energy supply can be provided by BCAAs. Therefore, you need to replenish the BCAA levels in order to prevent muscle breakdown. In addition, BCAA supplements increase the performance period of long distance runners by 16%.⁽¹⁾

The ideal Intra-Workout Drink for Power athletes

ProXtend also is an “Intra-Workout Drink” that maximizes muscle building during your workout by making efficient use of the blood supply to the trained muscle. The human body pumps 15 to 20 times more blood to the muscles during workout than at rest. Our blood is the transport system that transports all important nutrients to the muscles in order to make them grow and recover in the best possible circumstances. The more nutrients are pumped to your muscles, the better muscle breakdown can be avoided and the quicker the muscle grows. The best moment to provide the muscles with these vital nutrients is during workout when blood supply is at its highest!

Suited for:

  • Athletics
  • Rugby / Soccer
  • Cycling
  • Marathon / Triathlon
  • Martial Arts / MMA / Boxing
  • Fitness and Body Building

1 serving = Mix 3 scoops (42g) with 300ml of water. Take 1 serving before, during or after your workout.

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