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MelanSol  100% Natural Sunscreen SPF-20


MelanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen SPF-20


MelanSolreg; 100% Natural Sunscreen SPF-20 was made because we wanted you to fully experience natural sunscreen that uses new technology to help prevent sunburn skin aging and non-melanoma skin cancer. If you or someone you know needs a safe, healthy, protective alternative to chemical sunscreen, then join those who've confidently switched to MelanSolreg;. MelanSolreg; SPF-20 is Broad Spectrum-rated High for reflecting UVA /UVB light (reflects 95% of UV rays). Recommended for skin that Easily burns and minimally tans. A light coat can be worn daily for casual UV protection, however, unless you work outside during the day, we recommend MelanSolreg; SPF-10 for daily use when sunburn risk is non-existent. All MelanSolreg; SPF 20 ingredients are certified 100% Natural by theNatural Products Association (NPA), which awarded their Green Seal to this formula. The green seal certifies that each ingredient, and the way it was processed before being included in the formula, is completely 100% chemical free. To provide the best protection against sunburn, skin aging and non-melanoma skin cancer, MelanSolreg; SPF-20 uses a new form of natural antioxidant technology that soaks into your skin to continually detoxify free radicals. The additional natural ingredients condition, hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate, and help skin repair. Peace of mind and optimum health is priceless, so use this soothing sunscreen generously all over your face and body, especially around your eyes. Don't worry, it won't burn! MelanSolreg; SPF-20 starts protecting the moment it is applied, has a light citrus fragrance that dissipates in a few minutes, and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Because this formula includes non-nano zinc oxide, there may be a very slight whitening effect on the skin if applied heavily.

  • Certified 100% Natural Antioxidant Rich Lotion
  • Can Be Used Lightly on Very Fair Skin for Daily Casual Sun Exposure
  • For Skin That Easily Burns and Minimally Tans Burns During Lengthy Sun Exposure
  • Broad Spectrum--Rated High UVA/UVB--Won't Burn Your Eyes
  • Conditions, Hydrates, Nourishes, & Rejuvenates, and Helps Skin Repair

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