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MelanSol 100% Natural Baby Moisturizer


MelanSol 100% Natural Baby Moisturizer


The skin is the largest organ of the body. Traditional baby moisturizers contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors, and other chemical ingredients that can irritate an infant's skin and contaminate their body, making it a necessity to find a natural baby moisturizer made with safe and healthy ingredients a concerned mom can trust. MelanSolreg; Baby Moisturizer is guaranteed 100% natural because it's been awarded the Green Seal by the Natural Products Associations (NPA). The NPA green seal lets you know each ingredient, and the way it was processed before being used in the moisturizer formula, has been independently confirmed as 100% Natural. You can apply this luxurious lotion to your baby's skin with complete confidence and peace of mind. Its 26 natural ingredients will give baby's skin what it craves and needs most-chemical free nourishment, hydration, conditioning, antioxidant protection, and assistance with rejuvenation and repair. MelanSolreg; Baby moisturizer can be used on baby's face and body. The no-tear formula will keep baby's eyes burn and irritation free, while its proprietary natural antioxidant technology eliminates sun-induced free radicals that seek to harm their skin during brief periods of UV exposure. Apply this soothing 100% natural baby moisturizer generously. Your baby will love its feel, smell and uncanny ability to give their skin exactly what it needs, at a truly affordable price. Always the perfect gift, MelanSolreg; Baby Moisturizer instantly conveys how much you really care.

  • Certified 100% Natural by the Natural Products Assoc.
  • Antioxidants Bio-Melanin, Mixed Natural Vitamin E, & Green Tea
  • BPA, Phthalate, & Gluten Free
  • For Baby's Face & Body--Non-Greasy with Light Natural Scent
  • ingredients Condition, Hydrate, Nourish, Rejuvenate, & Repair Skin

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