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FibreTrim Diet Supplement, Orange & Mango, Net WT 8 oz


FibreTrim Diet Supplement, Orange & Mango, Net WT 8 oz


Fibretrim provides the most powerful appetite control available. It combines the actions of several weight loss and health promoting compounds into a single product. It allows you to lose weight at a rapid and healthy rate without hunger pains.Lasting weight loss: Average 11 pounds in 45 days.The combinations of the extracts of Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana (YGD) make Fibretrim special. Studies have shown YGD to yield an average weight loss of 11 pounds in only 45 days or one pound lost every four days. A placebo control test resulted in a weight loss of less than one pound during the 45-day period. For those who continued to use YGD, the weight loss was kept off for one year (1).Appetite control: Average 27% less calories at a meal.The dietary fibre inulin, extracted from chicory, enhances the effectiveness of YGD. A group of young women taking YGD plus inulin, as found in Fibretrim, ate 27% fewer calories at a free-choice lunch compared to those taking a placebo (2). They reported feeling less hungry before the meal and they stopped eating earlier during the meal. Preventing fat accumulation: Nutrigenomic actionRecent research shows that YGD plant extracts suppress the formation of new fat cells and reduce the accumulation of fats. The research also found that in overweight animals, the expression of genes in fat cells is altered, which leads to abnormal metabolism. YGD regulates this effect and returns gene expression and thus fat cell metabolism to a more normal state (3).Invigorating and energizing: Burn more caloriesThe combination of ingredients in Fibretrim allows you to stay active and burn more calories. Guarana and Yerba Mate are natural invigorators and promote thermogenesis, as does trimethylxanthine (caffeine). Vitamin B3 (niacin) and Vitamin B6 are both essential for ensuring efficient energy metabolism.

  • Powerful appetite control
  • Rapid weight loss
  • prevents fat accumulation
  • invigorating and energizing

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