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Elements Clean Kidney Elements 30 pk


Elements Clean Kidney Elements 30 pk


CLEAN KIDNEY ELEMENTS  is a powerful formula that combines traditional European herbal extracts, beneficial to kidney health and supporting its healthy urinary output, cleansing and detoxifying function.  Pharma grade time release tablet, specifically designed to supply the dietary ingredients gradually and achieve best absorption and concentration throughout the day.  Elements dietary supplements are doctor-formulated and derived from the most ecologically clean sources, focused on specific conditions, dedicated to effectiveness, and designed to target top health concerns. Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people around the world by providing original, high-quality supplements for health concerns where available solutions are unsatisfactory.

  • Maintains kidney cleansing function and urine flow
  • Support natural elimination of stone-forming particles in the urine
  • Promotes the passing of stones
  • Pharma grade time release formula


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