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PUCA Pure and Care Retinol - Vitamin A - Day  Cream 50 ml

Pure and Care

PUCA Pure and Care Retinol - Vitamin A - Day Cream 50 ml


Vitamin A - Retinol - Day Cream is an amazingly effective anti-aging day cream with extra moisture and care.

The cream is based on a high content of the two highly active substances, Proline and Adenosine, which delay the aging processes, repair sun damage, fight and prevent redness, and restore healthy and robust skin.

The cream adds Vitamin A, Retinol, which is optimized to improve the skin's internal structure by using PUCA PURE & CARE Vitamin A Night Cream at the same time .

Also contains:

Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract, soothes the skin and adds moisture

Hyaluronic acid, moisture boost

Special benefits

A cream that stimulates the repair of your skin - every single morning

Makes the skin healthier and smoother like silk

Fights age changes and sun damage - repairs the entire thickness of the skin

Normalizes the skin from the inside out

Gives a more uniform surface and pigmentation

Suitable for both women and men

50ml / 1.7 Fl Oz

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