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Energy Bars 'Apple-Cinnamon' (20 x 40 g)


Energy Bars 'Apple-Cinnamon' (20 x 40 g)


  • natural, organic and vegan
  • slow absorption and long lasting energy
  • fruit and herb: a top combination
  • During or before a sports performance, while traveling or on a trip: this bar will become your new best friend. He provides you with the energy you need, and uses nothing but organic and vegetable ingredients for that!

    No preservatives, no refined sugars, no dyes: our energy bars are a lot better for your body than classic sports bars, and they also taste delicious. And how about the subtle addition of cinnamon?


    Our energy bars are ideal for eating:

    1. about fifteen minutes before exercise
    2. during (intensive) sports
    3. as a healthy snack while walking, on a trip, at work or while traveling


    Our Energy Bars 'Apple-Cinnamon' are the ideal sports bars.

    • They are anything but dry: they melt in your mouth and are therefore easy to consume, even during intensive efforts.
    • They provide you with energy for a long time (30 to 60 minutes).
    • They provide healthy building materials in the form of complete proteins.
    • They contain the superfood seaweed .
    • They are made without fructose, only with glucose and maltose from rice.

    Get to know our healthy energy bars even better here.


    Since we do not use synthetic flavors, the subtle taste of our products may vary slightly from production batch to production batch. What is certain: you always taste nature!


    rice syrup *, puffed rice *, sesame seeds *, apple * (7%), rice protein *, pea protein *, cinnamon * (1%), seaweed powder *, sea salt

    * controlled organic cultivation

    Our energy bars are composed of the basic elements of a whole meal 

    • a full grain (rice) 
    • a legume (protein from peas and rice)
    • vegetables (seaweed powder)
    • seeds (sesame) 
    • salt

    The Energy Bars 'Apple-Cinnamon' contain naturally occurring sugars and may contain traces of gluten and nuts. 

    Nutritional value

    1 bar of 40 g contains:

    • energy: 632 kJ / 151 kcal
    • fats: 4 g, of which 0.6 g are saturated
    • carbohydrates: 28 g, of which 14.7 g sugars
    • proteins: 4 g
    • salt: 0.11 g

    100 g of this bar contains:

    • energy: 1580 kJ / 378 kcal
    • fats: 11 g, of which 1.5 g saturated
    • carbohydrates: 70 g of which 36.8 g sugars
    • proteins: 9 g
    • salt: 0.28 g

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