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Guna Nutraceuticals is the new brand dedicated to an exclusive selection of the dietary supplements created by Guna, a leading Italian pharmaceutical company located in Milan since 1983.

Focused in natural medicine, low-dose therapies and nutraceutics, Guna is special because they are driven by ethical values, and an enthusiastic advocate of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Guna has a global turnover of over 70 million US dollars every year, distribution activities in over 30 Countries, and can count on an extraordinary staff of almost 300 people. Guna invests constantly in research and development activities. We are proud that, thanks to Guna support, over 600 days of training and educational activities, addressed especially to healthcare professionals, take place every year. Corporate Social Responsibility activities are particularly meaningful to Guna, as our ultimate goal is to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of communities and contribute to create a better world for future generations. For 35 years, we are promoting a healthy lifestyle focused on prevention and wellbeing, and healing methods inspired by nature.